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Wiser Connection

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that The Wiser Financial Group isn’t like those other stuffy financial firms. Our team is warm, welcoming, and open to your individual needs. We don’t reserve our best for special clients with more investment power. We meet you where you are and work to get you where you want to be. We know you need someone who can talk to you like a confidant, but, rest assured, we’re never casual about your important financial assets.

As one of southwest Michigan’s oldest and largest independent financial services organizations, we’re both highly skilled and trusted in the community—often serving families for generations. Since 1960, we’ve stood behind families, identifying plans that help achieve their financial goals, including: retirement, wealth management, risk management, and estate planning.

Meet the Wiser Advisors

Everyone who comes through our doors has their own financial story. We’ll take the time to find a Wiser Advisor for you who has the right expertise to respond to your unique needs.