What Are the Best Fixed Income Investments?

It can be challenging to identify the best fixed income investments. It’s a tricky question with a difficult answer. And, since there are a lot of definitions of what a fixed investment is, different people may expect different answers. Are you interested in buying a bond from the government to get a semi-annual interest payment? Or are you considering a fixed annuity that pays a guaranteed rate?

In the current environment, we believe that one of the best fixed income investments is a money market account.

A good fixed investment largely depends on where the federal reserve is at with interest rates. You should also factor in the state of the economy. Because of this, a low-risk money market account is a great option, as it’s easy to access and there’s no risk of its value dropping.

Why is a money market account one of the best fixed income investments?

One of the main benefits of a money market account is that it offers easy access to your funds. With the ability to withdraw your money at any time, you can invest freely without fear of your cash being inaccessible for emergencies. You can also link your money market account to your existing bank accounts for easy transfers into – and out of – the new account.

In addition to being accessible, your money is protected as long as it’s deposited at a federally insured institution. Unlike other investments, where there’s the potential to lose value, money market accounts are protected. As long as your bank or credit union is insured by the FDIC or NCUA, you can rest easy knowing that your money will grow over time.

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