Virtual financial planning to ensure a WiserStart at any stage of life.

Virtual financial planning from Wiser Financial Group aims to help build your ideal future. With our WiserStart program, clients are given financial and investment advice in a convenient virtual setting. Understanding that technology has changed the way firms operate, we’ve created a virtual experience to provide our clients – no matter their stage in life – with access to a CFP® Professional.

Get off to a WiserStart.

We don’t believe that minimum investments should preclude anyone from planning their future. For that reason, we’ve created WiserStart to give everyone, no matter their age, income, or ability, virtual access to professional retirement, investment, insurance, and other financial advice.

How does virtual financial planning work?

With WiserStart, you get your own CFP® professional and a dedicated team of experts with experience in investments, taxes, benefits, and more. Because you can access it anywhere, you’ll always know exactly where you stand as you journey toward a more prosperous future. And, since you only pay a flat membership fee, every extra cent you make is yours to keep.

By charging a flat fee, our advisors are better able to act on the investments that are best for your goals. With WiserStart, you’ll have ongoing support from our proven team of experts. We’ll help you juggle the complexities involved with managing your taxes, benefits, insurances, investments, and more.

Explore the benefits of WiserStart.

A cost-effective flat fee.

No commissions, no hidden fees, and no conflicts of interest.

Around-the-clock access.

You have access to your investments anywhere, any time.

No investment minimums.

High-quality financial advice for clients at any income level.

Personalized service.

Financial advice tailored to your goals from a CFP® Professional.

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