What is Investment Management and How Does It Help?

When looking to build wealth, one of the earliest questions people ask is, ‘what is investment management?’ At its core, investment management is a holistic term for the management of a group of assets. In most cases, it’s built on a strategy that’s designed to help you achieve your financial goals. Whether you’re looking to retire early, saving for your first home, or considering your first investments, wise management is essential.

It may sound like something only a few people can afford, but investment management is for everyone. It’s not limited to extremely wealthy individuals. It’s not just for the super rich. Instead, it’s a time-tested way to invest, protect, and build your money over time.

But, really, what is investment management?

In the most basic sense, investment management is the handling of a collection of assets, often called a portfolio. This portfolio may include savings accounts, stock purchases, money market accounts, or any number of other assets. During the management of this portfolio, a team of experts ensures that it’s helping you reach your financial goals, avoiding unnecessary risks, and properly protecting – and building – your wealth.

Do I really need investment management?

Beyond asking ‘what is investment management,’ it’s important to understand if – and why – you may need it. First and foremost, if you’re aiming to build generational wealth, investment management is crucial. And, with baby boomers owning more than half of the wealth in the US, it’s well past time to start planning your handoff.

Of course, the sooner you start building, the better, as interest accrues over time and helps to passively grow your wealth. But, interest often isn’t enough: you need savvy investments. By only placing your money into savings accounts, you can actually lose money over time, as inflation will outpace interest. Because of this, it’s incredibly important that you work with advisors to manage your wealth as early as possible.

Need help managing your investments?

At Wiser Financial Group, we work diligently on behalf of our clients to manage their financial futures. Charged with helping them achieve their financial goals, we take this responsibility very seriously. So, if you’ve been looking for help investing and managing your assets, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

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